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The Kits Collection by Stampin' Up!

You may have heard that Stampin' Up! has a new line of products called The Kits Collection. These kits are designed to make creativity easy! I love that they are all-inclusive, which means they have everything you need to get started including artistically-designed projects, step-by-step instructions, pre-cut pieces, and more.

I think these are fabulous if you want to do some crafting on the go. Or maybe you think you aren't crafty or are a little nervous to get into cardmaking. These kits are just what you need! All the hard parts and the design are already done and you get the fun part of stamping and assembling! Everything comes in a small and cute box, ready to take with you wherever you go.

The best part is you can choose the kit that’s right for you! There is an assortment of options designed in a range of styles for a variety of occasions. New kits are added regularly and available while supplies last. Check out here what is available now, but be sure to head to for the most up to date information.

Did you know that there are even some kits where you don't have to do any stamping at all? Perfect if you're just starting out crafting! Those kits also contain phrases in different languages, which is really awesome.

Below is a video which does a fabulous job at explaining these kits in even more detail.

If you'd like to check these out, just click here. If you have any questions, I'm here to help, just send me a message!

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  • Shop with July's Online Shopper Code to get a special thank you from me in the mail next month.

  • Spend $200 or over and receive Stampin' Rewards to get free products! No need for a code at all!

  • The Starter Kit is always the best deal, with $165 worth of product for only $135 and free shipping!

Thanks friends for stopping by today and I hope you'll try these kits out and have fun crafting!


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