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Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Stampin' Up!

Have you ever really enjoyed doing something, but found it hard to do because you never had the right tools in place to really be successful?

As an adult I've always loved paper crafting, starting out with scrapbooking and party decorations. Then I saw my sisters being a part of a Stampin' Up! club and were always making beautiful cards and I wanted to do that too! The difference was that I was trying to make them with whatever I had or with whatever cute item I had recently picked up at the craft store. The problem was that when I sat down to make a card, I found it frustrating that nothing ever went together and I never seemed to have quite what I needed even though I had plenty of craft supplies.

This feeling of frustration is what led me to eventually join Stampin' Up! and I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favourite things about the company.

Top 5 Reasons for Why I Love Stampin' Up!

1. Product Coordination

Hands down, this is the best part of Stampin' Up! products. The coordination starts with the beautiful colour families. There is nothing better than grabbing a piece of patterned paper and being able to find cardstock, ink, ribbon and embellishments that are the exact same colour. Even if that paper has been sitting in my stash for a couple years, I can use it with current product and know that everything will match.

This continues through stamps, punches, dies and paper that all work together. This magic is exemplified the best through Stampin' Up!'s Suites which give you a whole set of products that all go together so that you can create with confidence!


I have always been taught that you get what you pay for and I think that the value of Stampin' Up! products far exceeds the cost. From the high quality of the stamp sets themselves, to the cardstock that has the colour all the way through (no white on the inside), to adhesive that won't let your project fall apart a couple months down the road. I love working with beautiful and well made products, it makes creating so much easier.

3.On Trend Colours & Products

I gotta say, I love trendy items! It's so much fun when I've been seeing a colour I love everywhere and then the next year Stampin' Up! is introducing something similar as a new In Color. I don't know how they do it, but they are always on top of trends and allowing us to flourish in our creativity.

This also goes for products and giving us the tools we need to play around with being artistic like with the Stampin' Blends and the Blending Brushes.


I'm always impressed with how Stampin' Up! puts a catalogue together and there is something for everyone. There are traditional florals to bold patterns. There are products for those who love the beach or the mountains. We are all unique to what we love and where we live and I bet you can find a product that helps reflect these parts of you.

There is also a fabulous variety for the level of crafting you want to do. Looking for something simple or a way to get started with card making? Try the Kits Collection. Looking for lots of layers and techniques on your card? Try out a whole Suite and see where your creativity takes you.

5.Built-In Community of Crafters

Once you discover the fun of Stampin' Up! it can become even better when you find other people to share it with! You can grab a friend and craft together. You can find online groups of people who love Stampin' Up! products too. You can find endless ideas on Pinterest to spark your creativity. I love how I can see a home decor product or a clothing item and say to my sister, well, you know it's the colour of Flirty Flamingo! Once you start in on the fun, you'll start speaking in Stampin' Up! colours too!

Did you relate to any of my Top 5? It would be fun to hear what your favourite things about Stampin' Up! are too.


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